A Journey

April 19, 2018

In September of 2017, I began a journey of exploration and transformation.

Ok so that's not  entirely true. The journey begins in 2001, but the _meat_ of it happens between 2017 and 2018  Can we go with that?

And spoiler...the journey doesn't end...  Let's continue.

In September of 2017, I continued a journey of exploration and transformation. I completed a 200 hour yoga training at Honest Yoga in Burlington.

This post tries to capture that part of the journey.

Honest Yoga's teacher Danielle Verdakas' method of alignment and adjustment was a perfect grounding for what I already intrinsically understood anatomically about yoga. My approach to yoga was from the athelete's perspective; the mechanical striving to find the body's boundaries. Understanding the deeper truth behind the asanas (poses) and their effect on disparate bodily systems was enlightening.

Our second weekend was underscored by the presentation of Manoj Chalom, gifting us the wisdom of murtis and the power of archetypes.

Archetypes, shamanic journey-ing, and a lot of yoga later, and the teachings sank into the medium of me.

I gave myself a Xmas present of a new yoga mat.  Salted, not stirred...

In March I finished the program.

I landed a gig subbing and teaching at my home studio, Hot Yoga Burlington.

I'm so grateful to all my yoga teachers through the years. Jai Ganesha.

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