New Year, New Website

January 1, 2023

Last April, I went through a process of experimenting with moving my website away from WordPress to something less bulky. Nothing against WP - it's a fantastic blogging platform and a great way for anyone to stat chronicling their life online without submitting everything to a 3rd party.

That said, I'm a tinkerer and had always meant to revert back to something more bare-bones that I could experiment with. I looked back at past instances of my website from way back in 2003 through a series of somewhat cringe-worthy design choices (Papyrus font... yeesh) until more recently when I've used the default WordPress theme for the year.

Part of this iteration is growing more familiar with React and NextJS and catching up with more modern ways of building web front-ends, including making a more mobile-friendly version of the website. There are a few other forward-looking ideas that I am hoping to wrap into this version, but we'll get to that.

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